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December 15, 2009




Journal Entry: Tue Dec 15, 2009, 12:02 AM

Frequenly asked questions UPDATED 2.0

1. what kind of paper do you use?
for color pencil I use bristol smooth 100mg paper. it'S really the best cause the paper is heavy^^ I something use Vellum too, but that mostly because I bought the wrong paper...
other the that I use deleter manga paper or some regular printing paper.

2. what do you use for coloring?
I use faber castell color pencils (polychromos).
Markers (Copics, promarkers, primsmacolor, touch).
(I sometimes mix both)

about digital, I use mostly SAI and photoshop. I know how to use open canvas and pixia.

3. what do you use to ink?
Copics, sakura micron or steadlers. I usually draw with a 01 or a 03. I do the eyes with either 003 or 005. When I do heavy black lineart, I use a 05.

4. how long does it takes you to draw?
depends. a sketch can take 2mins to 1hour. after that I ink it, it usually takes between 2mins and 30mins too. to color it depends of the complexity of the drawing. Color pencils take much more time then markers....
drawing a chibi takes about 5mins.
a full 9x12 color pencil page can take up to 7-8hours+
a full marker page can take up to 5 hours+...

5. what anime/manga what you source of drawing?

I knew sherlock hound, cats eye, candy and anime sanju-shi when I was really young. I started to watch sailor moon when I was 10. I started to draw anime style when I first saw slayers. I was around 15 years old. So the base of my style is slayers. I'm still influenced by it ^^. Other influences I had are Tanemura arina (that now I really hate) haruta nana, ai yazawa, watanabe yoshitomo and kara.

more questions! stolen from Hirochan

Q: Hi can we be friends??
A: ... no. Please oh pleassssssssse don't ask. I'll probably ignore you more then something else. Just talk to me, I'll probably answer ^^

Q: What names do you go by?
A: Careko or primrosechan . my pen name is Rin Sawa, which is only a contraction of my REAL name.

Q: What programs do you use?
A: I guess mostly photoshop and SAI. cause I don't have OC anymore -_-; but I'm not a digital fan

Q: Sooo... can you draw for me?
A: depends. I'm open to comissions, art trade/collab if the skill is about the same level. otherwise, please wait for free slots in my journal when there's some

Q: How about gaia avatars for gaia golds? BD
A: I can try ^^

A:  ... *delete msg*

Q: How about collabs then?
A: depends on time I have. please be patient

Q: Will you ever put a tutorial up?
A: there's already some up. Look in the tutorial section in my gallery…

A: I'd ask my hand, but she wont answer...

Q: Can you help me with my art??
A: .... errrr? maybe?

Q: Can I devwatch you??
A: Sure, go right ahead. XD

Q: Are you Japanese? Can you speak Japanese?
A: no and yes

Q: You said english isn't your first language. So what language do you speak?
A: French. I know english and some japanese (but I still have troubles reading kanjis and since I'm not practicing alot, well I kinda forget them) I also know some spanish. I understand more than I can write or speak. You can write in spanish, but I'll answer with simple sentences and probably with mistakes. I know latin but only the name of plants.

Q: Where can I read your online mangas? D<
A: and search careko on smackjeeves

Q: Can I draw you fanarts?? BD
A: yeah!!! loves fanarts!!! XD

Q: Can you draw Fanarts from that popular serie?
A: I'm not too much into fanarts. I don't mind drawing other people's OC. If I do fanart, it's because I really liked that serie.

Q: Do you have any other online mangas??
A: not online, but I did many short stories for mags....

Q: Will you ever sell your online mangas or artbooks??
A: I want to do 16 quest as a book.

Q: How long have you been drawing?
A: I started at 15.... (I know I'm old ok!) so... almost a decade (and I'm still that bad...)

Q: Can I use your artworks?
A: Sure! I prefer when people ask me (I'll probably say yes, but ask first) and give the credits ok?

Q: Do you have a tablet?
A: yes, it's a 6x8 wacom graphire. you can buy some on ebay or future shop or whatever. and I don't know the price! around 300$ I'd say.

Q:CAn I have/live in/steal your room?
A: no.

Q: do you have that that or that manga?
A: maybe read the list.

Q: I have more manga then you!
A: well good for you then.

*some questions stolen from wen-m cause I kinda get the sames...

A: the answer is probably no. I sometimes open art trades or small  gifts, but otherwise, I do comissions.

When did you start drawing?!
A: I got serious about it in 2002.

Do you do commissioned art?
A: yes, look the link on my journal!…

How much do commissions usually cost?
A: between 5$ and 100$

Can I color anything in your scraps?
A: surely. please give credit to prevent people from pointing you out as stealing or copying. =]

. Can I use your art for a banner on my site/avatar/signature/etc etc?
A: Certainly, if they are big enough please include credit. careko would be fine.

. I see your stolen art all over the internet! What should we do?!
A: I know. it really gets on my nerves, but most of the time I can't do a thing about it. *if I can, well, I report them.* the main point is: I hope they are not making profit out of it...

. Do you want to do a collab/art trade with meeee?!!?!?!?!!!!
A: only with friends

. Is there a limit to what you would and would not do for a commission?
A: ... no mecha please. I can do some anthro (but I'm not really good at it)


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littleriyu Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
c'est bête O_O j'ai des énorme feuille de papier vellum chez nous que j'utulise pas parce que ça me fait penser a du papier calque XD je me suis jamais arrêter pour me dire que je pourrais peut-être dessiner dessu XD
TheBulletAlchemist Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2009
You said you do art trades if the skill level is about the same...would you do one with me?
careko Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2009  Student General Artist
yeah, but the AT are closed till january -_-;
TheBulletAlchemist Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2009
Cool! I'll ask again then ^^
arigato careko-chan!!!!!
URIKONEKO Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2009
i has one question...if that's alright..
Where would u place my art as compared to yours? (since u said that u'd only do collabs n' such with someone who was of similar or equal skill level)...i personally think that i'm about 2-3 steps down from u,because i have been drawing for 4 years... but that's for u to judge...





(so that u can get a good idea of my style)
panilasteela Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2007
yay i finally found the faq page!! Umm, thanks that really helped!
But i still have one question... and btw this time its only one lol. Do you know the lineart? do i have to sketch it with a blue pen or color pencil? or is it ok if i used a pencil? so later on, i can put it on psp and outline it with black... Hope you get my question ^^.
careko Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2007  Student General Artist
you can sketch with either a bleu or a normal pencil.
if you use the normal pencil, you can ink over it, and erase the pencil. if you sketch in bleu, you can ink over it, scan and delete the blue color with photoshop
panilasteela Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2007
great thank you much! Well this is my first time to "draw" so i am finally done with my first anime drawing!!
I would love to know what you think about it:

This was the one i drew (i prefer this one than the colored one):

This one is the colored one!

I was still wondering, your coloring is way different, its more as a digital coloring! Ahh, am i going to get to this point? lool.
careko Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2007  Student General Artist
there's almost infinity of way to color... you can try many style, like blending, colored shadows , cell shading.... depends on the style you like... for me, I just put the color randomly on the drawing -_-;

I prefer the sketch one. I'm more a traditional artist then a digital one. so I have a pref over things one manually. and surely one day you'll be better then me at digital (I'm not really good to start with) also, having a tablet helps alot. (going to job now, so sorry for the short answer)
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